Driving Ms. Lazy


     It’s easy for us to promise ourselves that we’re going to leave our cars at home and find alternate ways to get to work. Then tomorrow comes around and our alarms don’t go off, or our dogs are sick, or we take too long to curl our hair; and once again we start up the engine and drive to work. But, not before we promise ourselves that we’ll definitely leave the car at home tomorrow. It’s always easier said than done.

            It’s difficult to change routine. However without, we will never see an improvement in the amount of greenhouse gases (GHGs) being released into the atmosphere. 1.5 billion metric tonne of GHGs are released into the air from vehicles alone each year. The most widespread kind of GHG released by cars is carbon dioxide (CO2). Did you know that for every gallon of gasoline that’s burned, it creates about 20 pounds of CO2? That doesn’t seem like much to you does it? Now multiply that by how many vehicles you see every day going to and from work. Now multiply that by how many cities are in BC… Have you lost count? So have I.

Being an efficient driver

            If leaving the car at home is out of the question, what are some other options? We can purchase fuel-efficient vehicles or low in greenhouse gas usage. There are so many new and improved vehicles that have been created to help us use less fuel.

If purchasing a new car isn’t in the budget, doing things like not pressing the breaks as hard and refraining from hard accelerations are starts to reducing climate change.  

Take the bus or start a carpool

            If leaving the car at home is something you may consider, try biking or local transit. Transit is a cost effective way of getting to work with bus routes that go anywhere you need and SkyTrain stations located in the heavily populated areas.

Carpooling has become increasingly popular in BC. Let’s admit it, nothing is more frustrating than being stuck in traffic or driving when you’re not in the mood. Try creating a carpooling schedule at the office. Another great thing about carpooling is HOV lanes.

Actions speak louder than words. We can promise ourselves all day, everyday that we will change our routines. When will we actually do it though? Instead of making these promises to ourselves, that are easily broken, we should think of the repercussions that can come from continuously driving places every day. There’s no doubt that it’ll be difficult to break free from routine, but once we make it our routine to make a change, it won’t be so feel so hard anymore.


Written by: Kerri-Lynn Kilbey, Nov 2013


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