Take a Deep Breathe: Simple Ways to Keep Our Air Clean

One major issue Canadians are dealing with today is pollution; pollution of land, pollution of water, and especially pollution in the air. Contamination of the air is unhealthy, not only for humans, but also for the environment and all the other living beings that are affected by our decisions. The most air polluting thing someone can do is to drive a car. By driving too often, are harming the environment, and without a healthy natural environment we are putting the health of everyone on our planet at risk. One way Canadians are able to easily decrease their contribution to pollution is to start taking public transit.

Air pollution from traffic on roads has been linked to many illnesses. Studies throughout the world have proven that kids living in high traffic areas are more prone to respiratory-related illnesses then those who do not. Living in these areas can also aggravate asthma, heart attack, coronary artery disease and increased risk of death from respiratory and cardiac conditions. By adding to the pollution problem, people are not only harming themselves, but also taking the healthof others into their own hands.

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The environment is greatly affected by pollution as well. The part of the environment that is affected the most is the ozone layer. Chemicals and fumes that are released in vehicle exhaust are slowly breaking down the ozone layer. This is leading to global warming. The thinning of the ozone layer and more heat entering the atmosphere is causing changes to occur. According to Health Guidance, ice caps are melting, animals’ habitats are being destroyed, leading to extinction, and change in growing seasons is resulting in scarcer crops. This is a problem that is affecting not only Canadians but every citizen of the Earth.

A simple way to reduce your carbon footprint is to use public transit into your daily commute. The five easiest ways to cut down burning fossil fuels are to walk, cycle, carpool, taking public transit, and not to idle when in your car. There are no greenhouse gases released when someone chooses to walk, bike or use the skytrain. Three times less is released when someone carpools with just one other driver, as opposed to if each of them drove their own truck or SUV. These issues may not seem like a big deal when you are relating it to just yourself, so instead think of how your choice can affect others thinking. Think of the difference it would make to the environment if after you chose to be more green you were able to convince two of your friends to do the same thing, and then they persuaded two more each. Over time the population would slowly turn to public transit and carpooling to commute. It may seem to be a small attempt to “save the world” when one person acts on their own, but hundreds, or thousands of passionate individuals banding together could very well save our planet.



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