Heritage homes, let go or hold on?

The Bose Family History: What Your Household Should Know

The History

If you live in Surrey, you should know that Henry Bose was one of the city’s first farmers. In 1898 his family’s original homestead was built, the home then served as the family’s safe haven for decades, and is still standing today.

Meadow Ridge Farm’s milk barn was built along 64th avenue in Cloverdale, which was then Bose Road. Much of the wood used in the construction was from old growth firs located on the farm property; making it withstand decades of weather and wear. It is also still standing to this day.

The New Development

The most recent development on the original Bose land is a condominium project currently being established on the property of the original homestead. Dubbed, “The Ridge at Bose Farms” it is “a collection of bold new country condos on an old Surrey landmark.” The Ridge has many new elements, some of which include:

• The Bose milk barn has been reconstructed and repositioned to become the centrepiece of the development.
• The farmhouse has actually been moved to a new location off the property.
• The new expansion will have 253 condo units in four buildings.


The development area and design was chosen by the City of Surrey because of the growing population in the region. Despite the efforts made by the city, many citizens are still upset about the condos going up. The community seems to be most interested in the protection of their history.

The Locals View

A big issue that residents have brought to light has been deforestation, and exactly how they feel their area will be affected by the change. A few of the citizen’s opinions include:

• Liking the incorporation of the historic buildings.
• Concerned it is a marketing ploy made to draw in the sentimental buyer.
• Heartfelt knowing without the founding families they wouldn’t enjoy the community they do now.

It seems, since there hasn’t been a complete uproar, the project will go ahead as planned. But one thing is for sure; the locals would be very appreciative if they were kept up to date with the steps being taken.


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