Change Your Mind. What is Red Meat?



 Although society consists of gourmet everything, just around the corner, the public would be surprised to learn the potential alternatives to the food they consume.

  • Lentils/Beans are a greatsource of protein.
  • Tofu is all about the way it’s prepared.
  • Chicken and Fish are just a better choice!

Now, it is easy enough for consumers to feel as though they are giving up an essential part of their diet, the tricky part is convincing them to replace it with something better!


 A great deal of people (like all of us!) feel as though once something is cut out from your diet by choice, your desire for this food heightens, leaving your cravings more profound than ever… “I wont eat chocolate today” turns into “I need chocolate now!” But it is easy to remind yourself of the reasons for this choice, (I kind of want to look good for summer?) especially when dealing with such an important change. Numerous reasons helping the “pros” side include health, the environment and of course cost effective strategies. – umm who doesn’t want to save money? –  Releasing the appetite for red meat consumption is no overnight decision, despite the fact that in today’s world there is any number of substitutions. The success of this process will be based on the self-determination and motivation each individual must possess, to overcome such a difficult challenge. (You can do it!) However, upon completion, the benefits are outstanding!

Carnivore to “Not so Dinosaur!”

The alternatives for red meat on the market today are incredible, from meat replacements such as beans and lentils, to tofu well, everything. Making the switch from carnivore to “not so dinosaur” easier than ever.

The basic vegetarian diet gains it’s protein from any number of sources, made up of nuts, seeds, legumes, soy and eggs. Still further, not all meat is bad; “white meat” consisting of chicken and fish are in most ways just as healthy. Always eating the unprocessed, organic products leaves no room for unhealthy red meat. Not only is this change easy, its cost effective as well, altering your food bill by essentially cutting it in half. Yes! Cutting it in half!

And yet again, a can of lentils or fresh green beans from the farmers market make a pack of pork bacon look like something for the rich and famous. Touching on the health factor of this diet, red meat has been linked to multiple types of illnesses, including heart disease, high cholesterol and sodium levels and most severely cancer. Throughout multiple studies, different results of the consumption of red meat have occurred, most recently according to the Harvard School of Public Health the more red meat you eat the greater your risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Each disease is caused by the countless chemicals that are pumped into meat today! Its scary. Our bodies have gone through thousands of years of evolution to create a digestive system that is well equipped for our red meat intake, but with the changes happening today, the consequences for eating too much is disastrous.

 Summing it Up:


            Therefore, it isn’t just our personal health we must worry about, it is our surroundings as well. Red meat is an easy food group to cut out of your day to day diet, are you up for the challenge? 


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